About Transit Kulturinkubator

Transit Kulturinkubator wants to contribute to better conditions for creators and cultural workers to develop their businesses/activities.

Transit Kulturinkubator offers coaching, business consulting and activities to artists of art, design, craft, film, music and performing arts.

Transit Kulturinkubator is a nonprofit organization with cultural subsidies from the Stockholm County Council. We run the incubator Transit at Telefonplan, where we also coordinate and develop the Stockholm-based culture incubator network together with SITE, starthus @ kmh, Filmbasen in Botkyrka and Konstfack Alumni. The aim of the culture incubator network is to develop and establish a long-term support to both existing and prospective creators and cultural entrepreneurs in Stockholm county.

Our offer

If you are a cultural and creative entrepreneur in art, film, music, design, craft or performing arts, you can apply to Transit Kulturinkubator located in the creative environment at Telefonplan.

As an adopted company at the incubator, you will have your own office space with a group of other cultural and creative entrepreneurs. You will get regular coaching and counseling, both individually and in groups. Above all, you have the possibility to daily exchange experiences, contacts, ideas, tips and advice with the other artists at Transit and the rest of Telefonplan. You will also have access to a network of specialists and industry experts.

Our methods

The aim with our coaching and counseling methods is that you, with our support, will develop and launch your idea. Together we take base in your skills, experience, drive and incentive. This will be the foundation of the construction and development of your business/activity and for you as a cultural entrepreneur.

During the coaching meetings the coach raises relevant questions and issues, witch focus on different aspects and opportunities and then give some advices. If you have specific questions or challenges that require specialized or further knowledge, we have contact with lawyers, accountants and industry experts.

Our vision

Transit Kulturinkubator shall contribute to better conditions for artists to develop their ideas into sustainable businesses and activities. Our work focuses on the perpetrators knowledge, experience and drive. We start from your potential and conditions combined with entrepreneurship.

Transit Kulturinkubator shall be an opinion-maker to create better conditions in the cultural and creative industries. We shall also be an important incubator for the cultural and creative industries in the Nordic countries.

Apply to Transit Kulturinkubator

Transit Kulturinkubator is looking for artists in art, design, craft, film, music and performing arts, who have a unique idea combined with a strong capacity and skills and wants to take a chance to develop and grow their activity/business.

We are looking for people who have drive, commitment and an extraordinary creative power. You are dedicated to your idea and reflective at the same time.

Your idea must meet at least one of these conditions:

- have a distinctive expression

- be a clear concept

- be a new product or service

You should also have good knowledge of the sector that is relevant to your idea.

How to apply to Transit Kulturinkubator

The first step is for you and your potential partners to contact the node in the cultural incubator network that works with “your” sector for a first meeting (Filmbasen for film, SITE for performing arts, starthus @ kmh for music and Transit for design, art and crafts). At the meeting you will present yourself, your business and your idea. Based on the criteria we described above, we will decide if you go to the next step. If you meet the conditions you will send in a written application for a meeting at Transit Kulturinkubator. The application must contain:

- CV for each person in the activity/business

- a description of the idea – what makes it unique and why is it interesting?

- a description of where your activity/company is in 1 year

- where you as an entrepreneur wants to be in 6 years

If the application meets the criteria you will be invited for a meeting at Transit Kulturinkubator. After the meeting a decision will be taken if you and your idea is adopted to Transit Kulturinkubator at Telefonplan.

Contact details

Film – Filmbasen: Joakim Blendulf, joakim@filmbasen.se

Performing and dance – SITE: Christina Molander, christina@keyfuture.se

Music – starthus @ kmh: Kersti Larsson, kersti.larsson@kmh.se

Design, art, crafts – Transit Kulturinkubator: Sara Lönnroth, info@transitkulturinkubator.se

For questions about Transit Kulturinkubator: Sara Lönnroth, info@transitkulturinkubator.se

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